Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Built Some Furniture...well kind of....

So I have been looking and looking and looking for furniture and I could not find quite what I was looking for. I would find a bedroom set that I liked but not really a living room set to go with it and vice versa. Sometimes, I would find something that I liked but it was more than what I was willing to pay for...$3000 for thanks! Then sometimes, I would see something and think to myself..I think I could make that or the prims were too much, etc, etc.

So, I went and bought a bunch of textures and a full perm sculptie furniture set and I then proceeded to tear the furniture apart and use what I wanted to make what I wanted. Some peices I kept their shape or maybe just added to it with alot more pillows and rearranging. I got ideas from some SL and RL stores (gasp, I know, I know..I hope that does not make me a thief or anything but really are there any new ideas out there when it comes to designing this stuff). Plus, I saw some furniture designers out there using the same textures I bought and full perm sculptie furniture too.

So, below are pics of what I made. So to not take credit where credit is not due...I did not make the lamps or bedroom end tables. These are from Corey Edo. The basket with the ferns...not mine...The Loft. The accessories I already had and others made those. The shrine to myself on the wall....all me baby, all me! Oh yea, I love my SL self!

Everything else, I put together or re-put together or made with prims.

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