Thursday, November 11, 2010

Funky Junk's Sunset Home

I first saw this southwestern style home on my friend Alicia Chenaux's flickr stream and commented on what a well done SW style home it was. I haven't seen any as nice as this one in SL! Since I grew up in New Mexico, I think, I know a thing or two about this style!

Funky Junk did a great job combining SW traditional and modern style! There are beautifully textured earth tones walls used inside and outside of the home and the vigas or lattillas in the roof are perfect!

Did you notice the blue windows and doors? Well, that is a SW folkloric tradition to ward off evil spirits. I don't know how many evil spirits there are in SL but maybe it will ward off any crazy neighbors you may have!

I love the tiled floor! It is totally something you would see in Santa Fe! The built in wooden book cases and fireplace that you can utilize in both rooms are a nice touch!

More wooden book shelves and an extra room off to the side for an office or your bedroom.

A great surprise! Another beautiful fireplace outside in the patio or portal! Just another way to extend your indoor living outdoors!

What are you waiting for? Check out Funky Junk to see this demo and all the other great homes and skyboxes that they have!

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