Monday, September 22, 2008

Home is Where the Heart Is!

Well, Alicia asked about where our favorite place in SL is but she said it couldn't be our home. Then she said it could! :-) That is a good thing because that is my favorite place in SL. Especially, since my RL home is turning out to be a place that I don't enjoy being at as much anymore.

As you read earlier, I was really wanting to make alot of changes in SL since I am having some issues in RL. So...thanks to Quaintly posting about her land, I went and bought some land next to her. I spent all day yesterday shopping for a home and furniture. Now I just need to work on the landscaping part of it.

I got 230 prims for about $5 USD a month. My plot size is 1008 sq. I kept my home small because I really didn't want anything too big and I didn't want to do the kitchen thing and who needs a bathroom in SL. Some pics are down below:


Nuuna Nitely said...

Beautiful house! May I ask where it's from?:)

Rylan Carling said...

I love that house! I almsot got it too!!!!!!!!! I'm glad to see that someone else decided on posting about there home too :)