Friday, October 10, 2008

My Neighbor's Van Down By The River!

Remember that Chris Farley skit on SNL? Anyway, my neighbor, Asha, has this hobo van on her land right next to mine. Now no offense to Asha...not crazy about seeing it from my window so I put up some fences. Anyway, I went to check it out and the thing is actually pretty cool for being free. It has a lot of textures and poses in it too. I took some pics of the van while I was there.

Waiting for some dinner!

Laying on some dead animals!

This van ran over me!

This van hates me! It is hanging me out to dry!

Just looking pretty in my Chai skin!

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Asha Brim said...


I'm glad you had fun. I saw the hobo van in Nuuna Nitely's flickr. Thought it was very cool and bought it. I'm glad that people *cough* and you, Terri are having fun.