Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Six Useless Things About Me

Ok, Laleeta tagged me so here it is and I had to really think about this because I never think about these useless things. That is probably why they are considered useless!

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1. Sometimes when I drive to work in the morning, I am so tired that I don't even remember how I got myself there. YIKES!
2. One time I went to a friend's wedding and I realized half way through the reception, that I forgot to wear a bra.
3. Occasionally, I am so tired when I take a shower in the morning that I am not always sure if I used soap or not? GROSS...I know!
4. I was born in West Germany when it was still East and West Germany.
5. When I was about two or three, I told my mom that I was never going to have babies but puppies instead.
6. Almost every morning, I always question myself on the way to work about: did I close the garage door, did I unplug the curling iron, did I turn off the stove, etc. ,etc.!

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