Thursday, April 9, 2009

Love Thursdays!

So what do I love..well I love my husband. Oh sure, that is an easy answer but I guess I should say why I love him.

To me my husband is someone who can do anything! He loves to work with his hands so he can do those MANLY things around the house that men do. He can fix things and he can do the yard work and do minor car work, etc.

He can also do things better than I like cook and clean, etc. Of course, I don't want to break things down like women do this and men do that but whatever it is...he can do it and he can do it well!

I also love my husband's sense of humor. He has a very quick wit and can always think of something to say on the spot to crack me up and others. His ability to make me laugh is one of the reasons why I married I him.

My husband is also good with understanding finances and how to handle money. We recently just purchased an investment property to rent and are thinking of purchasing another one to rent. That is one reason why I have not been in SL much lately because we have been busy getting the rental ready or just trying to do things around our home.

My husband is also a very caring and loving and generous individual who is ambitious and driven and loves a challenge and a project to be in charge of.

With all this you would probably think "Wow" does this man have flaws? Of course, he does and some of them even tie into the things I love about him...if that makes any sense??

Also, my husband is able to put up with ALL of my flaws and believe me there are many, many...too many to count! LOL!

So this Love Thursday is dedicated to my hubby!

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Quaintly said...

Aww that was so sweet! I love to hear about happy marriages & relationships :)