Friday, April 24, 2009

My Little Shop "Harmony Interiors"

For a long time I have thought about trying my hand at opening a little furniture store but have put it off due to procrastination with learning how to do things in SL and then getting frustrated with learning how to build and then RL would get busy etc. Plus, I’m just plain scared to do something like that!

I in NO WAY felt ready to do it but then I saw a shop with a rental sign for $1/week for 50 prims and I paid $4L for the month. I thought “What the Hell, what do I have to lose here?” Even if I don’t have time to get it set up, I’m only out $4L. If I don’t get the place ever set up, I may just use the little place for storage of my inventory for that cheap amount.

Besides all I had was my one outdoor bed completed so I didn’t even have 50 prims worth of stuff to put in there so I could work within the prim limit. It is not the prettiest of places. I can’t retexture it so I had to use my own prims to kind of spruce the walls and floors up a bit.

Also, the location is, well, interesting to say the least! The sim is called PIMP and I am near Orgasm beach and I think my shop is on Ho street. LOL! Oh, and I have a SNATCH affiliate right next to me and her floating text floats into my store! LOL!....hey we all have to start somewhere right?

If you would like to stop by and check it out it is at:

I have a couple of dollarbies and two of my beds out. The benches have one pose in them and the beds have four. They are copy, no mod, no transfer. I am putting some pics below.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Go you! I love it so far and I think you will impress us still in the future :D

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Terri, I love them! I got both the dollarbies... and wished you had made them mod so I could add some poses, but I totally understand why you'd keep them no-mod. Thank you for allowing them to be copiable! *hugs*