Friday, May 22, 2009

Distressed Textures

I love textures and I think texture makers don't get enough credit in SL for what they do. We can't make stuff look good without good textures and there are some really good texture shops out there. Not only do texture makers not get enough credit in SL they take a HUGE risk selling their textures in SL. In order for their product to get used they have to sell it full perm which puts them at risk for some unscrupulous person to resell what they make.

One of my favorite texture shops is Distressed Textures which is owned by Jewell Lamourfou. Once you get familiar with her work, you will notice that it is used alot in furniture and homes. I don't know what she does to her stuff in Photoshop but it ends up looking amazing!

Distressed Texture's shop

When you go inside of the shop, you will notice she has an assortment of fabric, wood, glass and many other types of textures for sale.

One of her most creative texture packs are this one with various labels that you can use in your creations. I haven't been able to find anything else like it in SL or exchange.

You can find her main shop at and you can also see her work on exchange at

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