Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Laleeta Collection

I finally finished my first bedroom set! Whew! I had some QC help from my friend Casandra Shilova and ta is complete! Thank you Casandra!

So I decided to name my first set after my friend Laleeta Xue,, because she was so excited and supportive of me getting into the furniture business.

So this is what you get in my set:

1. It is only 42 prims. You can make it more or less since everything is copy. Also, if you buy as a set there is an extra 2-prim nightstand if you need to save some prims.
2. It is only $250. You can buy the pieces separately but it is cheaper as a set.
3. The Twilight posters are up for free in my shop if you would like just those.
4. The bench has two menu operated poses and the little black pillow does switch to a red texture.
5. The bed has five menu operated poses in each pillow. They are the same poses and they are simple sleep and sit poses.
6. The little heart pillow on the bed and the baskets also have two texture changes.
7. The lamp switches off and on with a click.
8. The candles blow out with a touch.

Please stop by either my location at or at

Thank you!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

*cries in joy*

This means really a lot to me, you are the first one to name something after me *dances in your comments*

And I love the set! I didn't have a bed in my skybox so I rezzed it and now it's here to stay!

Thank you so much Terri, I know you will do great things with your store. I have faith in you :)

And I am not just saying that, I really mean it :)