Friday, March 19, 2010

Fan Girling Zaara

Admit it...we all have someone in SL that we fan girl or fan boy. It could be a clothing, hair or furniture designer or maybe it is even a blogger but we all do it.

I would have to say the person that I have fan girled for the longest time is Zaara. Ever since I saw her little corner shop on a middle eastern SIM, I have loved her clothes and textures and she is a really nice person!

So, I decided to go to her main store on her own SIM to show her that I am her #1 fan!

I figured offering to have her babies was the best way to show my devotion. I mean who wouldn't be flattered by having someone stand in front of your shop with a sign like that? I knew it would only be a matter of time before she had to show up for work, right?

OMG, OMG! There she is! I knew she would show up today!

" Zaara, Zaara! It's me Terri, Terri Zhangsun! Your BFF, your Amiga...wait...don't run!"

Oh no! The standing in the hot sun for hours and the excitement must have gotten to me because I feel woozy!

OMG! How embarrassing I fainted in front of her!

Strange thing happened...I guess there is something called a restraining order on me because I was warned to keep my distance. I think that is a mistake though and must be for that Terri Zhangsun with the one "R" in her name and not me with the two "Rs". That's OK because I'll call her at home or work or on her cell or show up tomorrow at the shop or stop by her house to get it straightened out!

The great Fan Girl AO and sign that I used is from ANA_Mations

Other Credits:
Tuli Hope Skin
I Love Olive Lulu Hair
Zaara FreeSpirit Blue Dress
Zaara Melange Bangles and Earrings in Blue

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Tymmerie Thorne said...

OMG! I am laughing so hard! That was just brilliant!