Saturday, March 13, 2010

SySy's Papillon Dresses

These pretty dresses from SySy's have been in my inventory for awhile but, well, you know how that goes!

I really wanted to blog these because I think the colors are so pretty and are perfect for the spring season and the Emerald one would be perfect for St. Patrick's day. I could see myself wearing the other shades on Easter Sunday.

I love the butterfly and flower pattern on the skirt but what I loved the most is that the skirt fit me perfectly! I didn't have to do any repositioning or stretching to get it to fit my waist!

SySy also just put down her new store and it looks amazing! There is a lot to see at SySy's so get down there and check things out!

Other Credits:
Dernier Cri Cheryl Hair in Brown Shades
Exodi Stephanie Panacek No. 9 Skin
Storin Standing Classy Pose

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