Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baffle! My Little Bathtub

Time for a bath! Ok, we don't really need to take baths in SL but this is just the cutest bathtub set that Baffle put out with some great poses!

This bathtub prop comes with 11 menu driven, adjustable poses (only six are shown). Two shower heads-one that's like a shower and another one that has a drop dripping down. You can turn the water on/off by clicking on one of the faucets. This will also turn off the sound. It also comes with the pile of towels and the plate of candles.

I debated putting nude shots but its a bath...I would look silly in a bathing suit or with duct tape over my breasts! So if you are feeling the need to get clean in SL, then you should definitely check out the demo at Baffle and pick one up!

Baffle! My Little Bathtub
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