Friday, May 7, 2010

Belle di Notte Sydney Skins

When I saw GoGo blog these skins here, I knew I had to have them so I could take my own pictures and stare at myself over and over and over again!

I love the lips and the makeups on these skins! The lips look so soft and touchable with just the right amount of gloss and the makeup is perfect! The shades are not too over done and they have the same soft look as the lips.

If you purchase the fat pack, you will get light and dark brow options included with every makeup purchase. You can choose from Light, Natural, Tan and Dark skin shades. I am wearing the natural tone. You also get a free shape. However, I'm wearing my own shape in the pictures and I think the skin looks fabulous on it!

The demos at Belle di Notte are free so get down there and try them on! I think you will love them just as much as I do!

Other Credits:
Exile Carly Hair in Chestnut
Miriel Honey Eyes (no longer available)

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