Sunday, June 13, 2010

Elymode Dulce and Dutch Touch Sale!

Elymode has come out with some cute, colorful and flirty new tanks, skirts and tops called Dulce which are as yummy as they sound. As typical of Elymode, the texturing is gorgeous and there are so many colors, layering options and mixing and matching that you can do with these separates that it is mind boggling.

I'm showing the Dulce tank and skirt in Lemon and Berry. You get two skirt options. One short and sexy and the other one shorty, sexy but also fluffy and flirty. The belt on the second skirt option is also color change.

In case you have not heard, Dutch Touch is having a sale on her River II skins! All single skins are 50% off and then she is retiring them! Just a note, there is a smudge under my eye on my facial close up. That is due to my lack of photo taking skills and not on the skin itself.

Alright, quit reading and hurry your butt to Elymode and Dutch Touch to do some serious shopping this Sunday!

Credits: (review copies with an R)

Elymode Dulce Tank and Skirt in Lemon/Berry (R)
Dutch Touch River II Skin in Carmel CaysE.Pi
Dernier Cri Ann 02 Hair in Brown
Poetic Colors Eyes in Dark Wood
Pose by EverGlow used in picture one (R)
Pose by LAP used in picture two
Pose by Storin used in picture four

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elysium said...

yay! thanks for blogging elymode.