Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SySy's Summer Dresses and Exile Chloe Skin

SySy has released some cute and flirty summer dresses! I love this one in pink but there are alot of other colors to choose from. As a matter of fact, she has the red and blue one on special today for only $69L. There is still time to get down there and get it!

This dress goes perfectly with the Exile Chloe skin in the Shade tone in the Loose Petals makeup. It is currently a group gift...just check the notices.

I'm also digging this Boon hairstyle which is a dreadlock type of style. Something sort of funky for the summer time!

Ok, stop reading and get to SySy's there are only a few hours left to get those dresses!

SySy's Summer Dress in Pink
Exile Chloe Skin in Shade (Group Gift)
Boon LUV 205 Hair in Chocolate
Poetic Color Eyes in Night Rain
Cake Bedroom Eyelashes
Ticky Tacky Momma Was an Opium Smoker jewlery set in Rose
EverGlow Poses

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Anonymous said...

I do like you in that skin :D