Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hey There!

Hey there! Well, once again I will not be able to go to a Hump Day party. My Wednesday evenings are just too busy now with the kiddo and trying to get some time in at the gym. I do enjoy reading about them the next day though and seeing the pics.

I saw Dutch Touch has a new skin! Woo hoo! I will have to check that out this weekend. I am not looking foward to possibly emptying out my SL bank account for this purchase though. I really hate how expensive skins are! I know, I know nothing about making skins or anything in SL except for my little bench and bird house but $1000+ for a skin is just sooooo much!

Hey, did you see the owner of artilleri is back on line?

Anyway, have fun tonight and Happy Rez day Tymmerie!


Tymmerie Thorne said...

I wish you could be there!! Thank you for the Rez Day wishes though!

Iki Ikarus said...

Hiya!, i want to react to explain the reason i priced these new skins 200 ld above the former skins i made. The amy skins are 950 Ld and these new skins have more options, like eyebrowshape, set of eyes, freckled and running mascara! I doubted about the price,.. but 200 Ld more for a skin with extra options is to me very reasonable, and i just couldnt priced these the same as the Amy Skins.

zaara kohime said...

haha, see we read u r blog :P

Skinning is crazy amount of work, its hours n days n months of work sumtimes.... so the pricing is pretty reasonable by that logic.