Saturday, August 9, 2008

Top Five or Ten Things About Me

RL Things

1. I am going to steal this from Alicia but I am very punctual too! I am extremely anal about time. If I am not somewhere 15 minutes early, I feel late. I am constantly trying to figure out how long my tasks, chores or errands take so I can plan my day accordingly.

2. I have three tattoos in RL and if I had the guts I would look like Kat Von D from LA Ink in RL. The only difference is I would have more colorful tattoos.

3. I trap feral cats and get them fixed and bring them back home to feed them. It is called the Trap Neuter and Release program.

4. I am a homebody! I love my home! It is a safe and comfortable place for me to sanctuary.

5. I love Heavy Metal music! I may be in my 40s but I still love going to an old skool metal concert or even to concerts of some of the newer bands.

SL Things
1. I have lived in three different places in SL and I am back living in my original apt.

2. I have two AVs but I rarely use my other one.

3. When I first started playing SL, I used to sneak time on at work a lot! Yikes!

4. I wake up every morning and change my avatar's clothes before I go to work in RL. Sometimes, I think I care more about my AVs appearance then I do my own in RL.

5. I used to jump in and out of groups just to get the freebies. Of course, I think a lot of people do that or did that at one time. I don't do it anymore because there is not much out there that impresses me that much as far as freebies go.


Quaintly Tuqiri said...

I used to switch groups around to get freebies too, but lately it's gotten too tiring and anyway I have a bursting inventory and don't even wear half of the stuff I've got, so I've given up on chasing down every single freebie!

Tymmerie Thorne said...

I adore that you change your avatar's clothes every morning! That is so cute! I used to put mine in PJ's and put her to bed before logging out each evening.

zaara kohime said...

u r cat habit is so sweet,
lol how do u trap them?!