Wednesday, December 9, 2009

dark.chocolate winter house

Jordan Giant built a new house! In case you haven't noticed, I'm her biggest fan....and I'm not saying that in some weird Kathy Bates way, either.

I'm at work now so this post will be quick and dirty. The pictures below are right off of Jordan's SLexchange page that I am showing. They aren't mine. These pics are hers and I hope she doesn't mind me using them but I wanted to get this post out and share something that I really love!

Also, she has some new freebie coffee and tea papercups. Check out the house here on SLexchange or she has a new shop too but I don't have the slurl. Check her profile pics and it is probably listed there.

Oh, one last thing....the house does not come furnished! She just shows you how you could decorate it! I repeat IT DOES NOT COME FURNISHED!

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