Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grindstone Furniture

I learned of Grindstone Furniture when I went to visit the banana.pancake skybox demo that Jordan Giant created and saw the Snuggle bed.

I then went to Grindstone but I didn't find the bed. I sent an IM to the creator and she was quickly getting the bed ready to put out in the store again because she had been receiving so many requests for it. She had actually stopped selling it but due to popular demand she put it back out for sell!

The bed has 25 colors and a tintable white to choose from. It has 12 sleeping poses for 1 or 2 persons and 9 quality cuddle poses.

The next item that is very eye catching is the Bibliophile shelf. The books come with it and they are also texture changing.

I love this refrigerator! I think the Union Jack on it is so original! The fridge is also scripted to share any objects you place inside it! I don't usually have a kitchen in SL but I might get one just so I can have this fridge.

Looking for something healthy to eat! Yea, right! More chocolate and fried food please!

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Thaumata Strangelove said...

Thanks for such a lovely post! I'm especially glad you liked the fridge, as it's my personal favorite. It's scripted to work like a diving dumpster: you put food in and when people rummage, they get food out! haha!

The Union flag pattern (an in-joke about my moving to England a while ago) is my favorite, too, but it's probably worth mentioning that it's scripted to change to 10 other solid colors. The pastels are really cute, if you're going for a retro kitchen.

Again, thanks so much! Enjoy!