Saturday, April 24, 2010

WoE Olivia Corset

The creator behind WoE is now making beautiful lingerie! The first set is called the Olivia Corset and the texturing and details are amazing! The set includes a strapless corset, thong panties and heel stockings and is sold in eight colors.

However, the corset that you see in the first picture is an exclusive color only available at the Alternative Fair with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity Nothing But Nets.

The Codie is the sexy red color featured below. This color will be released this weekend at the Rouge sim owned by CodeBastard Redgrave. The Rouge sim is a living piece of art created by Eshi Otawara. 50% of all sales for the "Codie" color will go directly toward the support of Rouge.

If you have never been to Rouge, you should definitely check it out! They often have parties there and it is a very unique sim!

The corset below is the Olivia Blue and is one out of the eight colors that are currently on sale at WoE.

Not only is the front of the corset exquisite but the back is just as beautiful with the lacing details and sexy thong.

The great poses that I am using are part of The 7 Sins series from Baffle! I am showing the Pride pose and the Avarice pose with the gold coins that come with the set. This is part of The Circle Project and I'm not sure what this all about but you can find out more about it at the sim.

Other Credits:
KA Garbo Skins Iman Dark Tan Suscribo Gift
Lamb Bang Bang Hair in Ink
MudHoney Chinese Tea House

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