Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sway's In The Hay

I think everyone on the grid is currently decorating their land for Autumn and I am too! I wanted to get some outdoor items that would bring that extra Fall touch and Sway's just released a couple of weeks ago this great hay stack complete with pumpkins and apples..what more could say Autumn?

In this set, you get the hay ground and three different hay stacks with three poses each! It's great for hanging out with your friends and chatting.

You also get the pumpkins, the crates of apples and the sacks with some great burlap textures on them! I really like that this is not only good for Autumn decorating but could also be used for Halloween.

And if you get hungry, you can just touch the crate of apples and get yourself a yummy snack! So stop your decorating at the moment and get over to Sway's to get this set and see what other new releases she has out!

Credits: Review copies with an (R)
Sway's In The Hay (R)
SySy's Yardena de Luna Top in Orange
Bella Di Notte Rosie Skin in Dark (R)
Maitreya Nimue Browns Pack Hair
Glow Studio Folk Green Drop Earrings
Persona Ciggy Pose in picture 3

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