Monday, September 6, 2010

Whole Lotta Rosi!

Well on Sunday night I blogged that the new Belle Di Notte Rosi skins were coming and the next day they are out! Woo hoo!

The skins are sold in light, natural, tan and dark. With a fat pack you get the skins with six lipsticks, dark and light eyebrows, a shape and cleavage enhancers as a tattoo layer or undershirt option.

The eye makeups, blush and freckles are sold separately as tattoo layers. Because the eye makeups are sold separately, there are plenty of opportunities to mix and match with the lipsticks!

I tried to show a variety of looks below mixing and matching to give you some ideas on how versatile the skin is. I am wearing the dark tone which I think is a yummy cocoa color! It works really well with dark and even blonde eyebrows IMHO. Some of you who are blondes in SL all the time may not find the light eyebrows light enough for you with the dark skin tone so the light tone would probably be better for you if you like for your eyebrows to match your hair color. They show up lighter against the light skin tone.

As you can see in the pictures, the lips are soft and luscious looking which is typical of Belle Di Notte's skins.

Picture one: Fresh Blue eyeshadow, Flushed lips with Dark eyebrows. Picture two: Watermelon eyeshadow, Coral lips with Light eyebrows. Picture three: No Eyeshadow, Nude Lips, Light eyebrows and Freckles layer (sold separately).

Picture one: Steel eyeshadow, Dark Red lips with Dark eyebrows. Picture two: No eyeshadow, Dark Red lips with Dark eyebrows. Picture three: Ultra Violet eyeshadow, Flushed lips with light eyebrows.

Picture one: Earth eyeshadow, Brown lips with Dark eyebrows. Picture two: Aquamarine eyeshadow, Flushed lips with Light eyebrows. Picture three: No eyeshadow, Coral lips with Dark eyebrows and Blush tattoo layer (sold separately)

Well, I hope that gives you some ideas. There are other eyeshadows that I did not show but you can check them out at Belle Di Notte. I did try the eyeshadows on some of my other skins and they seemed to work really well.

All the demos at Belle Di Notte are free so get on down there to try EVERYTHING out! There is even a fat pack of shapes that you can try out also. It has six various sizes in it.

Credits: Review copies with an (R)
Belle Di Notte Skins in Dark w/Eyeshadow, Freckles & Blush tattoo layers (R)
Truth Aloha Fat Pack Hair from Project Donate for Pakistan: I used various shades from the pack. Sorry, I don't remember all of the names!
Poetic Color Eyes used: Dark Wood, Hot Mocca, Sunny Glade, Night Rain, Starry Night and Easter Lilac.

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