Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back to My SL Job!

So I am working back at Blue Fusion on Monday nights from 4-6SL time. It is kind of hectic because I literally walk in the door from my RL job and head straight to our office to log on to my SL job. Why do I do it...well because I like having spending money in SL and I hate putting too much of my RL money into it.

Also, I was ready to get back into it after not working for the past four months or so. I really enjoy working with the DJ JamesLarkin and the customers on Monday night are a lot of fun! I was fortunate enough that they had an opening that worked out pretty good for me. I would prefer a 5-7SL shift but maybe one will open up at a later time. Anyway, I have been crazy obsessed with taking pics in SL and playing with them in Picnik and I have been taking some while I am at Blue Fusion too. I hope you likes!

The following pics were taken today at our employee holiday party.

DJ DGoggy Enjoying the Party!

Fangorn Dengaku

Holli Hollwood Mixing The Tunes

Blue Fusion Employee Holiday Party

Blue Fusion Employee Holiday Party 2008

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