Thursday, December 18, 2008

Desire and Lust in SL

You thought this was going to be about sex, huh? Admit it..that is why you clicked on this post to read about sex! Well, it is not..sorry to disappoint you! It is about a shoe in SL that I am currently lusting after and desire to have! Unfortunately, unless I need some serious retail therapy I just don't think I am going to buy it. Because even though it is %40 off, it is still around $800 lindens. Oh sure, I have spent that much or more on skins and my Huddles and even a shape (what was I thinking there? a shape?)

However, I already have about three pairs of black boots in SL so I just can't justify buying these too. I did want to pay tribute to this beautiful shoe from Stiletto Moody though since I think it is such a piece of art.

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