Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blog Fail! I suck!

Well, I failed the challenge. I was doing good until the topic was left up to us and then I realized that I had nothing to massive fail!

On another note, let me say that I am bored with SL. That's right...BORED! This is not going to be a dramatic post that I am leaving, blah, blah because I am not but there is really nothing that is getting me excited. Shopping..blah; building...blah; hair fair....maybe, if I could get in there.

Not only that after sitting at a computer for nine hours at work and then coming home and sitting at a computer in the evening is just too much! I need to start getting back into things in my RL like working out, reading and my other favorite sit on my ass tv!

It is time that I spent more time with my RL pet than my SL ones and spend more time with my hubby even if it is just doing my other favorite sit on my ass tv.

I am toying with the idea of starting a home and garden feed and putting another blog on there about home and garden stuff. I was thinking of asking builders to put their blogs on there and making it as big and massive as the fashion feed but we will see. I'm not really motivated to start that right now. It would be like anything else in SL to me. It starts out fun and challenging and then just turns into a chore.

Ok, enough of my whining and back to trying to get into the hair fair!

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