Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pics of my new home

Well, I got tired of my MudHoney BeachBabe Bungalow. It was cute but was getting too small and it was kind of dark so I went searching for a new place. I also wanted to put all the items I had in my skybox in my beach front home.

I finally settled on the Ayler House by Park Life or Ace's Spaces. As far as finding homes that are low prim, look good and are reasonably priced, I just don't think you can beat Park Life/Ace's Spaces.

My home is a lot larger than my previous one and it was only 29 prims for $500L. I did do some modding to it. I took out the stairs so I had to add a tp system to it and I did extend the deck out and I retexurized the heck out of it but I love it!

The back or front of the house...I'm not really sure?? I guess the front because that is where the door is at...duh!

My living room. This is a mix of furniture from MOWE (no longer around) and from the Kona Beach House collection from Corey Edo.

My office area. This has my desk set from KaiaGaia.

Purple is my favorite color so I wanted my bedroom to have plenty of it!

This is where I come to get high so I can relax after a hard day of shopping in SL. I also have a great view of Eva frolicking on the beach with her friends! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Oh very nice Terri! I like it :D

Asthenia said...

I <3 park life! My skybox/house is from there too! It's lowprim but still hot as hell :)
Looks good!

Sai Pennell said...

Looks great, Terri! <3