Monday, June 15, 2009

My Perfect Day in Second Life

Alicia asks today "What is your Perfect Day in SL?".

Well, one of the things that makes a good day in SL for me is to have a high balance of Lindens in my account and being able to shop and buy whatever I want, when I want it! That is not something that I get to do in RL so being able to do it in SL provides me with a rush and some retail therapy at times. A recent really good day was when Zaara had her 50% off sale and I got to buy just about one of everything in my favorite color and not even worry about the effect on my account.

Another really good day and I mean an awesome day is when I finally figure out that SL gadget that has been frustrating the hell out of me for days! I have purchased the Prim Docker and the Perfect Sitter and I am surprised that I am not bald in RL from trying to figure those things out.
Oh sure, the comments on exchange said they were soooooo easy to learn how to use. I mean after all there are videos and written directions for you to learn how to use it so how hard could it really be? I mean they are practically idiot proof! Well, I have said it before on here and I will say it again and wave my hand in the air with a clump of hair in it and say "Hello, number one idiot over here who can't get me, help me!"

So when I do finally get it and everything clicks after, oh, I don't know, days and weeks and I can finally move on in my project that is a very good day! A very good day indeed! Almost damn near perfect!

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