Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Second Spaces Review!

I mentioned a few weeks ago how I wanted to change my blog and go in a different direction and do more home and garden type of blogging because that is something that is really missing out there in SL. When Elle Kirshner asked on Plurk if any blogger would do a review on her new products, I jumped at the chance! I now officially feel like a big time SL blogger doing a review for a designer….and a good designer too!

So enough chit chat and on with the review!

The first item is her new Murphy Armoire w/Vintage Posters Bed. The bed is 18 prims and sells for $300L. It also comes with some removable vintage posters. The posters add an additional 4 prims. The bed is great on saving space because you are able to open and close it to hide the bed.

It also has several menu-driven animations and more than one avatar can sit on it at a time. This is a great bed to hang out with your girlfriends and gossip. It has a shabby vintage chic feel to it which I love! You can't tell in the pictures but the animations are very full moving animations if that makes any sense? For example, on one sit it will cycle through me tapping my foot and then checking my nails. You really have to try it out to see what I mean. These definitely are not static poses and they are more animated than most furniture animations that I have seen.

Me and my gal pals,Alicia Chenaux and Sai Pennell, hanging out!

The other item that I was lucky enough to review is her new Culver Writing Desk. This is an adorable pink desk that also opens and closes. You can shut it to hide all those SL shopping bills or show off all the cute accessories that come with it!

The desk is for $250L and is 26 prims. The accessories that come with it are 27 prims total but they are optional if you are watching your prim count. One of the things that I love about this desk is the attention to detail…the accessories have shadows, the basket has magazines and it has a cute little sign for your desk.

Elle is one of those multi-talented SL individuals that I envy! She does her own textures and you can tell in the quality of the color and softness of her items. She also does her own poses and animations for her furniture so they are very unique items.

You can check out her furniture pieces at Elle’s store Second Spaces and her animations at her shop next door at Pulling Strings.

Thanks for reading!

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Isle said...

Excellent review, Terri,and that wardrobe bed looks fantastic. I love good poses in furniture, and have been trying to get to Second Apaces for days now.

Maybe tonight! Thanks for the details :)