Thursday, February 11, 2010

MudHoney Rouge Getaway Photoble

Normally, I don't do blog posts with couple's pictures because it is a pain to get my craptop out to pull up my male alt in SL. However, I didn't feel that I could do the new Rouge Getaway Photoble justice without showing the couple poses that are available.

As always, MudHoney has created another great photoble with beautiful textures, details and the easy rezzing system for all of your picture taking and blogging needs!

What I really fell in love with is that when I was taking my pictures, a story line started to take place. As you will see below, just imagine how the story unfolds.

Valentine's day is just around the corner so stop by MudHoney and pick up one of these!

Other Credits on her:
FreeSpeerit Fiona Skin
Analog Dog Delora Hair in Darks
Nyte 'N' Day Valentines 2010 Lingerie (free)
Last Call Boardroom Barracuda (no longer available but a classic)
Other credits on him:
Musashi-Do Milano by Night Suite
LeLutka Congo Dark Skin

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