Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Seedy 70's Home

I love the 70's! I know a lot of people think of bad music, hair and fashion for that decade but I love it! I explored Summerland last night which is a 70's style sim and I enjoyed going to the drive in and rollerskating rink. However, what I really liked was the Seedy 70's home that they have for sale there.

If you are looking for a way to bring some of that retro 70's style type of living into your SL life, then this is a must have!

Looks like the Brady Bunch could live here.

I grew up with cabinets exactly like that! Check out the avocado green appliances!

The living room set. The cubes you see are the pose balls or squares.

Love this console tv and the stereo system....the memories! The beads in the doorway lead into the bedroom.

I guess the 70's wouldn't be complete without acknowledging the Swinging 70's and the movie cam in the bedroom completes the look!

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Emerald Wynn said...

My brother (in RL) seriously thinks he can talk developers into making this retro '70s neighborhood with pre-decorated homes and everything in it would have to be '70s -- cars, etc. -- per the Home Owners Association. Like, you get a few beers in him and he will not shut up about how awesome it would be. LOL!

I guess we all gotta dream!

Anyway, he would totally love this place if he didn't think SL was for dysfunctional people. (He's always ragging on me about it.)

Maybe I'll show him these pics and he'll get it.

Great post!! :)

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