Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nymphetamine Cha'Tulio Corset and Stocking Set

I know that every other blog post on the feeds right now is lingerie, lingerie and more lingerie with it being so close to Valentines. So I figure, if I can't beat them then I might as well join them!

This lovely but hot little number is the Cha'Tulio Corset and Stocking Set from Nymphetamine. As you can see it is sexy but bold and since I'm shy, I am keeping the girls covered in my post.

I love the pattern and the bows on this set and I also love the fact that the set is grey scale so you can tint it to a color you like. No need to buy a fat pack and clog up your over bloated inventory!

If you have never been to Nymphetamine's shop, I would recommend checking it out there are a lot of beautiful and unique dresses, outfits and lingerie sets!

Other Credits:
Dernier Cri Cheryl Brown hair
Belleza Belle Medium Amethyst Kisses skin
Storin Teaser Soul Poses

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