Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nymphetamine La Roche Tease Set

Paeoti Pomeray dropped on me one of her latest lingerie releases from her shop Nymphetamine. Like the other items that I have seen from Nymphetamine, the La Roche Tease Set is beautifully textured and also has the gray scale option so you can tint the ribbon on the bra and panties different colors. There are also optional bow attachments for the chest and hips that can be color tinted so you get many color choices for the price of one! The pictures below do not show the bows.

This was a great opportunity to use one of my Sissi pearl poses from Glitterati

I'm posing in front of the Barnesworth Anubis Romance Gazebo. One of the items from this weekend's Spruce Up Your Space.

Other credits:
Rockberry Uma Skin
Noveau Miranda The Class Act Hair in Dark Brown

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