Friday, August 27, 2010

AtomicBambi Romaana Skins

Ohhh, brown eyed beauty you! AtomicBambi's latest release is the Romaana skin and I am just loving it! I love the pouty lips and I think the eyebrows are just right. They aren't too thick and they aren't too thin.

I am wearing the Romaana Sunblush in dark (the dark refers to the color of the eyebrows). There is also a version with light eyebrows for those of you who are blonde. With a purchase of a fat pack you get freckles, cleavages, hair bases and 10 makeups.

As you can see the makeups range from heavy to light so you have some good options to choose from. AtomicBambi also sells lipsticks in the tattoo layer for this skin so you can change things up even more!

Allure, Azure, Envy and Flush makeups

Gold, Hawt, Lulu and Navy makeups

Pure and Ruby makeups

AtomicBambi is turning out to be one of my favorite skin makers so if you are looking for a new look, you should definitely tp over to the store and try out some demos. I am sure you will find something you love!

Credits (Review copies with an (R):

AtomicBambi Romaana Skin in Sunblush Dark (R)
Truth Evie Hair in Chocolate
Poetic Colors Eyes in Dark Wood small

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