Sunday, August 22, 2010

Haven Designs and Ingenue

These picnic sundresses have been out for awhile from Haven Designs but when I was looking for a cute dress to wear with the new Citron shoes from Ingenue, I thought they were a perfect fit!

Honestly, I always thought Haven Designs was just a fantasy or costume type of clothing store so these were a nice surprise to see! I love the texture work and the style. When I saw a black dress in the pack, I didn't think a black picnic dress would really work but it does! It is just as cute and flirty as the other colors!

So after you buy one or more of these cute dresses, you need to stop by Ingenue to pick up one or more of her new Citron shoes. These are cute rounded toe wedges and I love how the heels have that curve in the back.

There is even a pair in the Midnight Mania board that you can try to win!

I'm only showing three out of the many color options that are available, so head on over to Haven Designs and Ingenue to pick up your favorite colors!

Other Credits: Reviews copies with an (R)

Haven Designs Picnic Sundress in Yellow, Peach and Black (R)
Ingenue Citron Shoes in Lemon, Nude and Ebon (R)
AtomicBambi Romaana Skin
Truth Roxana Hair (due to %50 off sale unable to tp to get slurl)
Mela's Red Gown Pose

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