Saturday, August 28, 2010

nordari.'s mint.apartment

nordari. has come out with a cute little apartment that looks as if it was inspired by mint chocolate chip cookies and it is yummy! She even includes a little recipe with your purchase!

This little apartment is the perfect size to get that cozy, lived in feeling and is full of light with the windows and the light beams! The light beams are optional and can be removed if you are tight on prims.

nordari. set out a little demo that you can check out that is wonderfully decorated to give you ideas on how you can set up your own apartment.

The free gift that nordari. set out with this release are these delicate little recycled paper lamps that would look great in this apartment or any living space.

To visit the demo and pick up one of these cute little apartments, just tp on over to nordari. It is a beautiful sim!

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