Friday, November 20, 2009

Lady in Red

Ingenue just keeps putting out beautiful clothing! As long as Betty Doyle keeps putting out clothing that makes me feel pretty and sexy, I will keep blogging it for everyone to see!

Her latest creations are the Ella dress which comes in four colors for $250. She also released her Millinery hats. These come in ten colors to mix and match with the dresses or with her other beautiful outfits throughout the shop. The hats are $85/each or $500 for the fat pack.

Don't forget Ingenue also puts out a weekly outfit for sale for only $100. So seriously, catch this limo and get yourself down there and pick up something pretty for yourself!

Ingenue Ella Dress and Millinery Hat in Scarlett
Persona Free Cigarettes and Cigarette Holder
Persona Ciggy Shooting Poses
Rockberry Uma C Natural Dark Eyebrows Skin
A&A Darla Hair Chocolate
Pixel Mode Kavika Black Shoes
Creamshop Location of pictures

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