Sunday, November 15, 2009

Looking Pretty in Cuba

I can always count on taking pretty pictures at Emvee Cuba. This is a sim with warm and distressed textures everywhere.

To look pretty in a pretty place, I wore my Elymode Tuxedo outfit in brown and the new Aimesi Angie2 Skin in Cashmere Face 1. I also couldn't pass up an opportunity to wear my Farrah hair from Truth.

Trying not to get my pretty outfit wet!

Hmmmm, maybe I should not pass up that fruit and buy some?

I love the lips on this skin and the makeup is so fresh and natural looking! There are other darker skin tones and makeups available and I would encourage you to stop by Aimesi to try out the demos.

Elymode Tuxedo Outfit in Brown (review copy)
Aimesi Angie2 Skin in Cashmere Face 1 (review copy)
Truth Farrah Hair in Chocolate
Exodi Zbilja Spirit Golden Rod eyes in large (previous group gift)

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Anonymous said...

Your face looks so soft on that picture, very nice :)