Thursday, November 5, 2009

snow.white skybox/loft by Jordan Giant

One of the things that I love about blogging is sharing things in SL that I love and want to tell other people about. One of these items that I found while looking through SLexchange was the snow.white skybox/loft by Jordan Giant.

I had been thinking for awhile of moving from my beach house to a skybox and when I found this skybox, it was the motivation that I needed.

Not only do I love the skybox but I love how she has it decorated. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SKYBOX DOES NOT COME FURNISHED! She has decorated the skybox with such a mish mash of items that it gives the skybox a lived in, homey feeling with tons of character.

I checked the profiles on the furniture in her inworld model and most of the items come from various Japanese stores that I had never even heard of. I went and checked them all out and found some very nice looking furniture that was reasonably priced and for the most part very low in prims too.

I would really encourage you to take a look at her items on SLexchange here. She has really great quality freebies listed and you can visit her skyboxes in world by searching for her profile and looking at her picks.

The pictures below are right off of SLexchange and are hers. I did not take the pictures.

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