Friday, January 15, 2010

Abode Homes Grand Re-Opening Sale

If you are like me, you change your home on a pretty regular basis. If it is time for you to change yours, then you want to check out the Grand Re-Opening of Abode this weekend.

This great home, The Sephia Lake House, will be there for sale for the first 48 hours starting Saturday for only $500! This beautiful retreat away from your RL and SL could be yours! It is 200 prims and fits on a 4098 lot. It has two bedrooms, two decks and a fireplace. It also has an easy rez system to get things set up.

So stop by there Saturday and check this home out and start planning out how you are going to arrange your furniture in your new home!

Oh, don't forget to hit that subscriber because Abode plans on having alot of new releases coming up and when there are new releases, they will always be on don't miss out!

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Nicole said...

Terri!! We'll make each other bankrupt yet!!