Friday, January 29, 2010

Ingenue Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

Betty Doyle, the talented designer behind Ingenue, is now taking her skills and making shoes for us! As if, beautiful clothing and hair was not we get shoes!

I received a sample of her releases and I love them! The shoes in the first collage are the Dianthus. A cute flat shoe with a pointed toe and ruffle on top. I usually don't like orangy type of colors but I really like the Tangerine ones in the upper right corner and will have to find something in my inventory to go with them.

The cute ballerina flats with the little bow are the Audrei.

My favorite shoes of all out of her releases are the Lilium. So cute with the little bow on top and the colors are delicious! The pair I am showing below are currently in the Shoes and Accessories Hunt. You need to find the pink Dr. Marten shoes and they are yours! Check out all of the other pretty colors on display and buy, buy, buy!

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