Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little Pricks and Skin Deep

Last night I got an IM from a friend to go check out a new store, Little Pricks and Skin Deep, on the grid that was starting to grow in popularity. So I tp'd over there and I can see why word is getting out about this store.

The store falls in the goth, neko, grunge type of genre and there are skins, tattoos, jewelry, textures, trees and prefabs to purchase. I really liked what I saw and wanted to help spread the word.

I love the coloring and the markings on the skins and the tummy piercings are perfect to wear with revealing tops. The markings in the second picture are actually a tattoo. Thanks to Ylva Korhonen for modeling and taking the following two pictures for me.
[Skin Deep] - Elementals-Smoke:Little Pricks: Sexy Tummy Piercing

[Skin Deep] Porcelain Kiss Pale Skin:Little Pricks: Titty Tape:Little Pricks: Cyborg tattoo:Little Pricks: Sexy Tummy Piercing

There are a variety of prefabs to choose from and a rezzing platform to check them out. My favorite one out of all of them was the d.D Casa de Dicha. The original texture work is beautiful and I found the fireplace stunning that is on the first floor.

The Glitter tree is just one of the few landscaping items for sale and there is also a lucky chair with the Crime Scene skin and a Midnight Mania board with a Screamer Tube Top.

My favorite thing of all that I just fell in love with are The Jaded Emo Line Necklaces! This is something I had to pick up for, love, love!

So if you are looking for a new store to check out and get excited about, then I would seriously recommend stopping by Little Pricks and Skin Deep and checking their stuff out!

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