Monday, January 11, 2010

La'Licious is Delicious!

Ha! The title rhymes! I'm not sure how long La'Licious Designs and Furniture has been in business but there are some really great furniture sets, skyboxes and accessories there.

The furniture inventory is small right now but I'm sure as word gets out about La'Licious, the inventory and shop will keep growing and growing!

The style seems to be shabby, country and cottagey ( I know that is not a real word).

Below are the some of the accessories that are available for your home and my favorite item is the old tub with plants inside of it. Perfect to put out on your front porch!

La'Licious also sells a variety of skyboxes with prims ranging in the 20s into the 50s. They are called the Lyrical Skyboxes because they were inspired by different songs. For example, one is called Glycerine inspired by Bush, another one is called Yellow inspired by get the picture. I thought that was a very creative idea.

Below are two of the living room sets available out of the four in the shop. There is also a nice country kitchen available.

The French Country Living Room

The Cantebury Living Room

If you stop by the shop, be sure to join the subscriber to keep updated with all the new releases and any gifts. It won't take up one of your group slots. Also, in the middle of the shop by the accessories, there is a lucky board with some cute shabby chic items.

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