Friday, July 25, 2008

Belts in Second Life

One last thought I had as I was looking at the blogs is all of the cool belts out there that you can get in SL. Like the dollarbie from PND. I think it is of Trix or some type of cereal belt. I have some like that and a few others with a bunch of other stuff on them. My favorite is my bad girl belt from Alicia.

However, I just wonder what these belts would look like in RL if we all ran around with a box of cereal, a bowl and spoon strapped to our waist. I think it would be pretty cumbersome. Or what people would think if I showed up at the mall with a bad girl belt in RL. Mouthwash, condoms and gum strapped to my hip! LOL! Oh well, that is what SL is do things in SL that we can't always do in RL.

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