Friday, July 18, 2008

Random Questions and Thoughts.....

I was thinking about how much I don't feel like myself when I change my skin in SL. I very much love my Dutch Touch skin but occasionally I will change it to something else that looks good on my shape but I just can't stick with another skin. I have a ton of them though that I have picked up as group gifts or freebies and some of them are really nice but just not least not for long anyway.

As far as textures go in SL for clothes, hair, shoes and furniture, I really like the textures that look more realistic instead of the hand drawn kind. I think that is the other type of texture out there...the hand drawn kind? Anyway, I LOVE when my jeans look like real jeans or my hair looks like real hair. That is one reason why I really like Detour hair because it looks so real. You can even see the strands in their hair.

In some of my earlier posts I had mentioned how once I left my Blue Fusion job I was only going to put about $5 or $10 USD into SL a month. Well, so far it has been $5 USD a week. LOL! I just can't help but not shop, shop, shop! I don't even wear 1/2 of what I buy or win on lucky chairs or find in hunts but I can't help but impulse buy in SL. I guess, it is better to do it in SL than in RL though. I rarely will go shopping for myself in is always just sooooo disappointing! For some reason Target and Mervyn's is just not as glamorous or exciting as shopping at Zaara's, Dutch Touch or Personas. LOL!

Oh, and I just wanted to thank you all for all of your well wishes regarding our kiddo moving in this weekend and our pending adoption! I really appreciate it. Things like that just prove how this is not just a game it can be a little community of friends!


zaara kohime said...

interestingly, most of the places u like to shop at are mostly all hand-drawn with a trim here n a print there that could be sourced from a scan or a picture (from the shops u mention in the blog roll, inc mine).

i think the difference essentially is the details and shadows one sees on the clothing, also designers who hand-draw try to replicate real life textures, which is where the challenge is (i.e : a distinct texture for denim/silk/ sheer/linen/gold foil/thread-work) etc.

Terri Zhangsun said...

OMG! You read my blog! That is soooo cool! :-)