Sunday, July 13, 2008

High School Daze

When I went to the shoe expo, I saw these moccasin boots at 69 that reminded me of the boots that I used to wear in high school. Unfortunately, the texture on the boots is not that great and I will show a pic of that at the end. I tried to stretch the texture, etc but it just threw the shape of the boot all off. I did try the demo but did not even check on and learn.

Anyway, I put together a look that reminded me of how I used to look in high school. The only exceptions, of course, is that there is no acne on my av and I didn't have all these tattoos in H.S.

I used to smoke in H.S so I had to throw in my smoking poses in the pics. LOL! Oh and Led Zep was and still is my favorite band!

Smoking in front of the school!

Smoking in the girl's room!

Trouble in class!

Hanging out in the halls!

Bad boots!

1 comment:

CeN said...

OMG We totally would have been friends in High School!

Skipping class to smoke cigarettes with the guys from shop class even LOL