Sunday, July 6, 2008

It Is Good To Be Home!

Although it is nice to see the family, there is nothing like coming home! I jumped on SL and the blogs to see what I had missed. It looks like not much?? Which is a good thing because I thought I would have a ton of freebies to catch up on or hunts and there was really nothing that caught my eye or that I could not live without.

The only thing that did catch my eye was the ridiculous greedy sign that was put up in front of the Ch'know store. I haven't known Ali long but I do know that she is not greedy and she is generous so poo poo on you to whoever put that sign there. I don't even think their name deserves to be mentioned in my blog! They will be considered "The one who shall not be named"!

Relaxing at Home!

Poo Poo on you sign!

1 comment:

CeN said...

You didn't miss a thing!
We totally paused SL to wait for you :)
Glad you had a good time and welcome back.