Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Shoe Expo

I have to agree with Alicia that I was not that impressed with the shoe expo either. The layout and the shops were nice and the shoes were nice too but they were shoes that I have already seen in the stores or on the blogs.

Also, I hate to sound like a shoe snob and I won't name vendors but some of those shoes were plain terrible! Their shoes were so outdated and/or newbie looking that I am surprised they still make shoes that look like that or even get any sales from them. They must though if they still keep putting them out.

Also, I was a little confused as to what went to the ASPCA and what didn't? Some vendors were only selling certain shoes with the sales going to the charity and they had those shoes marked. Other vendors, I guess, any shoe you bought from them at the expo went to the charity??...I wasn't sure.

Anyway, I picked up some demos from 69 and another store with a name that I can't spell and I am too lazy to try and find the correct spelling for it. I may or may not go back and buy them. However, again I am not sure if I buy these shoes from the expo if they will go to the charity or not??

I didn't go the Lingiere and bikini expo that was going on. I don't wear lingiere in SL and I have enough freebie bikinis to wear if I need one, which I rarely do.

This weekend was sort of a blah weekend as far as fashion and sales go in SL. I was hoping for some great 50% sale on clothes or gift cards but nothing. Oh well, maybe I will go shopping in RL! Yea, right that is like pulling teeth for me!


Alicia Chenaux said...

Oh I totally agree about some of the shoes being TOTALLY outdated. There was one place and I know I'd seen their boots back when I started here in November, and apparently they have had the same ones out for 2-3 years with no upgrades. I guess they do still sell, but yikes. LOL

I thought everything went to charity but I did see the ones that were specially I dunno. Maybe someone who deals with the Expo can answer that.

Violeta said...

Meh. I was planning on going just to check for freebies (I am on a veeery tight SL budget), but Now I'm wondering if its even worth it.

Seems like with every fair there are less and less gifts being given.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Violeta - I think I found one gift there, possibly 2, but if you're on a tight budget and are looking for gift shoes, it's not worth suffering through the lag at all. I saw more old outdated facelights being given away than anything else.

Nikki Zenovka said...

I was a bit disappointed to see the signs that said proceeds or a portion of proceeds were going to benefit the ASPCA, because to me, that meant the ones that are not marked as such mean that they are NOT donating proceeds to the charity. Otherwise, why have the signs on only some of the shoes.

It is fun to have all the designers together - makes browsing all the shops together easier - but I am looking and keeping it in mind that some of the vendors are just there fore more sales opportunities, and not the charity.

(and what's with the empty vendor booths? If you're in a freakin shoe expo, be ready and open for OPENING day when all the fashionistas are there chomping at the bit with their wallets open! lol)