Friday, July 25, 2008

Mob Scene at Crimson Shadow

Well, I haven't been doing much this week in SL except trying to win the dress at Crimson Shadow. I even left the Viper Pit party early last night to try and win it but no luck! Either the same letters keep coming up multiple times in 30 minutes like "O". I mean how many people could possibly be out there with their first name starting with "O"! Or there was already a "T" there and I don't feel it is right to try and win a lucky chair item when someone else has already been waiting there for it with the same letter.

I went to the Simply Britnee free hair frenzy this morning and clogged up my inventory. Funny thing is I don't think I really care for the hair that much. I deleted a few styles and the styles that I kept are going to require too much prim by prim editing and there is nothing I hate more in SL than editing hair! So I will probably just delete them anyway. I never heard of this hair vendor before so I don't know if they are new or what? Oh, there was a $100 style mixed in with all the freebies. Of course, in my freebie frenzy, I accidentally bought it! It will probably be one I will delete too!

Oh back to Crimson Shadow and what a scene! The place is packed and people are starting to get nasty with one another too! One poor girl with the letter "I" (again how many "I"s out there?" was trying to sit in the chair but it wasn't rezzing fast enough for her and people were getting impatient with her! Just crazy!
I took a pic of the scene while I was there. There was too much lag so I went to Snatch to find the freebie and I got it...yay!

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