Thursday, July 17, 2008

Catholic School Girl!

Ok, I got the new free outfit from Snatch and it reminded of a Catholic School Girl uniform gone bad! So, of course, I had to do a search for Catholic and I was hoping for a school but all I could find was a church.

So I broke out my cigarettes and my cigarette poses and took some pics of the Catholic school girl gone bad! LOL!

I was kind of surprised that you could actually buy various praying poses and church accessories and garments!! Who knew!! I wonder if they hold services at the church? They do have a group. However, I couldn't imagine a church just having their services open to the general public because you know SL, some pervert (s) would come to the service wearing silks or some type of inappropriate a blingis or something! LOL!

The Church

Smoking in front of the church!

A praying pose

Some of the church accessories you can buy. Yes, I did make some underpants for that Snatch outfit! I'm not that naughty...LOL!

Once I outgrow my bad Catholic school girl phase, I'm going to become a nun and I will shop here for my clothes!

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