Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Craving Cake!

I didn't realize Cake came out with new hair until I started seeing it in a few fashion posts. I wasn't even sure if it was new or not but I headed over there to check it out and Woo Hoo! New hair at Cake! Three new styles are out but I only picked this one up due to a low Linden balance of too much shopping over the weekend. The one I picked is the Dakota style in Chestnut. IMHO Cake has the best wavy and curly textures out there. The textures look silky and if you could touch it, you could feel how soft it would be in your fingers.

Got a craving for cake too? Then satisfy it by heading over to:

Items worn:
Rockberry Uma Skin
Miriel eyes in Honey (no longer available)
Soulfire Gold nose ring with beauty marks (no longer available)
Cake Bedroom Lashes

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